Cruising… The holiday experience that ticks all the boxes


Giselle Scicluna

So, you’ve finally decided that the time is ripe for a holiday, but with all the options available, where to begin? Ok, so you need a break which ticks all the boxes; hassle-free travelling, top-notch food and entertainment, thrilling experiences, extraordinary destinations and above all, great value for money. Most of all, it must be a holiday which truly lives up to its name – the kind of experience that leaves you refreshed and recharged and not in need of more time off just to recuperate! Quite a tall order, indeed, but the solution is much easier than you can imagine. A cruise holiday might not be the first option to come to mind… Perhaps you think it is too costly to be seen as a regular holiday? Stop, and think again, because if you look a little closely you might be surprised to discover the many, many benefits of a cruise holiday. So, let us count the ways…

The most cost-efficient way to experience holiday magic…

Imagine a land-based holiday and the inevitable nightmare when budgeting for your whole trip. Accommodation, meals, snacks, drinks, excursions, entertainment plus the actual travel from point A to B must be factored in down to the last cent. A cruise holiday does away with all this, making the nearly all-inclusive cost one of the many substantial benefits you can enjoy, but not only! If you had to compare the separate purchase of all the above amenities and services to the actual cost of a cruise holiday, you’d be in for a shocking surprise! Need we say more?

All in the family…

Cruise holidays are ideal for everyone, from the very young to the young at heart. From footloose and fancy-free singletons to loved-up couples in search of a romantic getaway, to families with young children or restless teenagers to entertain, to those whose idea of heaven is simply to relax and rewind. The myriad of amenities available on board a cruise ship plus the variety of excursions on offer at each port of call are suitable for all ages and tastes. Gourmet restaurants, sexy cocktail bars, top-class entertainment, sumptuous casinos, gyms and spas for the gym bunnies on board, you name it, they’re all available! The beauty of it is that most cruise ships cater for young families with kids in tow, with supervised activities aimed at different age groups to keep the young ones fully entertained.

Board a cruise ship and see the world…

When you opt for a land-based resort, you’re stuck in one destination – on a cruise holiday you get to visit four or more luscious locations, without the headache of actually organising travel arrangements for every stop, making for a richly diversified experience without the inconvenience. So, pack your bags, board the ship and you’re good to go because everything that will make for a memorable experience is being taken care of, down to the very last detail. The only thing left to do is to simply let your hair down… and enjoy!


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