City on a Ship

Miriam and Taz Gardner

Do you have a fear of flying? Or you just simply want to avoid the hecticness of flights, airports and overweight luggage; well then welcome to the right blog for you.

Sometimes planning a holiday is not easy, deciding where to go…..lodging. transport and timings could take quite a long time to come up with the perfect holiday and even then, things could not turn out how you’d expect them to (speaking from experience).

The perfect solution and short cut to making sure you get an unforgettable holiday without all the hassle of planning is possibly a cruise.

So, SMSMondial (Malta) recently invited us to come to check out the cruise liner Costa Fascinosa.

Costa Fascinosa is one of the largest ships in the Italian ‘Costa’ fleet, it has been sailing since 2012 and it has a whopping 1,508 cabins on board, that includes 91with direct access to the spa, 524 with private balcony, 58 suites, all with private balcony and 12 suites with direct access to the spa.

The moment we set foot onboard we felt like we had entered a different world completely, it’s basically a floating city. After a warm greeting from the staff, we were led into the huge communal lounge where the first thing that catches your eye is the architectural design (and the fact that everything was shiny).

The main central bar was huge (there are 13 bars in total on board, including a cognac & cigar bar and a coffee & chocolate bar) with plenty of tables and chairs to accommodate a large amount or persons also there was a place for a live band…now that could be the perfect evening.

There are also 5 restaurants on board, including the Club and the Samsara Restaurants but they are at an additional charge and reservation only but totally worth the extra cost!

Going around this amazing ship, we could not even come close comparing it to a 5-star hotel as a 5-star hotel would not have a theatre, let alone 3 with a different show every night, they hold a maximum capacity of 1400 people and not forgetting it has a 4D cinema too.

Other entertainment onboard includes a casino, children’s arcade (adults can play on the games too don’t worry), disco and there is even a library.

The more we went around this ship and the idea of spending a week + on this beauty was becoming more inevitable. There are two huge pools surrounded by loungers and well-equipped bars, a water park for children, slides and a relaxation deck where you can read a book and simply enjoy the sun while you cruise from one country to another.

Now as for destinations there is so many to choose from depending on your preference, time of travel and destination. We secretly have our heart set on a mini cruise for a short getaway, that being said one day we would like to take the world cruise that sounds astounding, stopping at each continent.

What makes these cruises even more amazing is that you can choose your own package and cabin. To be fair even the lowest price cabin is just perfect because we guarantee that with all the activities provided on this cruiser you will only be going to your cabin to shower and sleep… that’s if you won’t get sidetracked by the view of the sea from the balcony or window that is in each and every cabin.

You can also opt to go for one of the many suites which have the most amazing cabins that can come with its own jacuzzi overseeing the sea, plus in some cases includes the full beverages package that basically means you can board the ship and leave your wallet at home as everything will be inclusive with also access of the spas Dead Sea pool, yes you read that correctly and a fully equipped gym where you can work out to the view of the sea…

So is it worth it? well from what we experienced on our tour of the Costa Fascinosa and bearing in mind this is the first time we had ever set foot on any cruise ship so we did have quite a few questions (well Taz mainly as he doesn’t normally do well on ships) we cannot recommend it highly enough, it takes away all the stress of planning a trip no worries about connecting flights and even if there might be a delay (exceptionally rare) you have everything you need right there on board the vessel. From travelling with children, newlyweds and retirees it caters for each and everyone’s individual needs and what better way to see the world. Be it a short cruise to a world tour all the hassles are taken away from you.

So if you are thinking of taking a cruise or just looking for information for your next destination we highly recommend to check out SMSMondial and their latest packages and destination